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Why invest



  • The current inflation rate in Slovakia is the highest in the last 15 years and is likely to exceed 10 percent in 2022,

  • interest rates on bank accounts are also rising, but at a much slower speed,

  • investing free funds into assets with a stable but solid revenue is the only way to prevent the savings from losing their value.


  • Unlike the vast majority of other assets, real estate keeps retaining its value in the long run.

  • the price of property is growing steadily, thus offsetting inflation.


  • The value of Alpine property is constantly increasing - and this is doubly true for ski in&out apartments located right next to the slopes.

  • By purchasing property in Austria, you will invest in a developed country with stable legislation, upholding the rule of law.

  • Making an investing in Euro can protect part of your property from fluctuations of other currencies.

  • In ski resorts based in lower parts of Europe, lack of snow leaving the hotels and apartments empty is an ever-present risk. In the Alps – thankfully - the snow scarcity in the ski resorts is not a serious issue so far.

Saving account



Corporate bonds

  • Current accounts with negative interest rates and savings accounts with interest rates just above zero are probably gone.

  • Central banks fight inflation by raising interest rates, as a result of which  interest rates on bank accounts rise as well.

  • However, the level of the interest rates will in no case reach the expected level of inflation.


  • Thus, savings kept at a bank account will lose their value continuously.

  • Investment gold is one of the reliable and low-risk commodities with high liquidity.

  • However, the price of gold is highly dependent on many factors - including the development of the value of the US dollar.

  • In the past, the price of gold fell sharply several times: it lost 40% of its value between 2011 and 2016, and fell sharply in 2020 as well.

  • In addition, holding gold does not generate any ongoing income typical of shares (dividends) or investment property (rentals).

  • All of the above applies to other precious metals, such as silver, platinum, etc.

  • Cryptocurrency prices are on a roller coaster - the value of an investment can rise or fall by tens of percent in a single week.

  • The price of bitcoin increased six times during 2020 to fall by a third the following year. Since the beginning of 2021, price developments have been even less prevalent - the cryptocurrency market has no experience with high inflation and the question of whether bitcoin or ethereum can play a role in protecting against savings is not yet answered.

  • In addition, it is clear that the cryptocurrency market will be regulated in both the US and Europe in the near future.

  • Due to the price volatility, investment advisers almost unanimously recommend that investment in cryptocurrencies should not exceed 5-7% of the total investment portfolio.

  • Bonds issued by private companies are a very risky investment instrument.

  • They usually offer above-standard gains, but are not secured or regulated in any way.

  • in other words – private bonds are an equivalent of an unsecured loan that may never be returned to the investor, as has been shown in many cases in practice.

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