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SUR-REAL offers investment apartments in Switzerland

Since February 2023, we extended our portfolio of investment opportunities by two development projects located in the Swiss canton of Valais (in German: Wallis).

The canton of Valais is located in the south-east of Switzerland - within sight of Mont Blanc, and is famous for Lake Geneva and the highest Alpine 4000 m peaks, including Monte Rosa, Weisshorn and the iconic Matterhorn.

The two projects mentioned are:

  • investment apartments in the largest Swiss spa resort Leukerbad,

  • hotel resort that will be built in Morgins on the border of Switzerland and France, in the large ski area called "Portes du Soleil".

Compared to Austrian real estate, investment apartments in Switzerland have

the following specifics:

  1. The time of use of the apartment for personal purposes is not limited by law or by a building permit. As a result, the owner (or his relatives or friends) can spend a significantly longer period of time in the apartment during the year. In the case of Morgins, the apartment can be used for private use up to 16 weeks a year. In the case of Leukerbad, the private use is even unlimited.

  2. Only persons who have a special permit (Ausländer Bewilligung) can acquire an apartment in Switzerland. The complete assistance with submitting an application and obtaining such a permit is an automatic part of services that are provided by the agency, that ensures the purchase of an apartment.

Swiss banks offer financing of an apartment purchase by means of a mortgage loan. The amount of the loan usually reaches 65% of the value of the property. The interest rate of such a loan is currently around 2.5% p.a., i.e. is significantly lower than rates currently available in the Czech Republic.

Additional costs associated with the purchase of real estate (i.e. real estate transfer tax, stamp duty at the land registry, notary fees) range from 2.8 to 3.3% of the price of the apartment.


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