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News on our website (9/23)

Beautiful wooden houses in the heart of Bavarian Forest - ST. ENGLMAR

In September 2023, we presented the first German project on our website - and at the same time the first project that is not located in the Alps. It is an accommodation complex

16 beautiful log cabins in the Bavarian tourist resort of Sankt Englmar - only 45 kilometers from the Czech border.

As usually, the owner can use services of a professional agency taking care of the daily management (cleaning, repairs, maintenance) and of the short-term rental for the purposes of tourist accommodation. However, in this case, unlike in Austria, owners are allowed to rent out their log houses by themselves without external help. Still, even in this case, they can use the services of:

  • a caretaker, who provides the maintenance of the entire area and minor repairs, and

  • a cleaning company that cleans the cabins after every stay of the owner or guests.

You can find more detailed information and an overview of the logs that are offered for sale here.


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