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Inflation pushes Czechs to buy real estate abroad. It is cheaper than property in Czechia.

While the inflation rate in the Czech Republic is one of the highest in the EU, the interest of Czechs in foreing investment property abroad is continuously increasing.

The most popular countries for investment apartments are Croatia, Spain, Austria or Italy.

Apart from the effort to protect savings against inflation, this trend is also driven

by the Czechs' desire to have a safe investment in their portfolio that would withstand

a situation if Russia was to attack other countries.

Another reason is that the prices of apartments in some coastal countries are lower than, for example, in the Krkonoše Mountains or in Šumava.

In addition to a safe long-term investment, the advantage of a buy-to-let apartment is that it generates income from tourist rentals during the year. While the owner uses

the property for his private purposes for part of the year, it is normally rented out to tourists for the rest of the year.

SOURCE: (7.7.2022)


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