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For speeding in Austria, you can now lose your car

If you significantly exceed the speed limit in Austria after March 1, 2024, your car can be confiscated and sold at auction. The Austrian government decided on this in mid-June, and last week the lower house of the Austrian parliament approved the amendment of the respective legislation.

"Driving on the highway at a speed of 230 km/h is a conscious decision by the driver to endanger lives. In particularly dangerous cases and for repeated offenses, the corresponding punishment will come: confiscation of the car and its sale at an auction. If someone uses his car as a weapon, we will take it from him," wrote the Austrian Minister of Transport Leonore Gewesslerová (Greens) on her Facebook profile.

Drivers who exceed the speed limit by 60 km/h in the city or 70 km/h outside the city can have their vehicle impounded on the spot. In the case of a first such offence, the car would be impounded for only two weeks, but in case of repeated offences, the driver would lose his car permanently. In addition, if the speed was exceeded by 80 km/h in the city or by 90 km/h outside it, the vehicle will be impounded even in the case of the first such offence. 70% of the proceeds from the auction will go to the road safety fund, the rest to the local government budget.

If the driver is driving a car that does not belong to him (e.g. it is a rented car), the vehicle will not be impounded and sold, but the driver will lose his driving license – and that permanently.

In addition to confiscating the vehicle or taking away the driver's license, the driver also pays a heavy fine. This amounts to EUR 150 if the speed limit is exceeded by 30 km/h, but it can even reach thousands of EUR if the speed is really high.

Let's add that the maximum permitted speed in Austria is 50 km/h in the village, 100 km/h outside the city and 130 km/h on the highways.

ZDROJ: (11.7.2023)


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