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Our advantages

We use our experience from other fields of business:

  • we have many years of experience with cross-border transactions and their accounting and tax consequences

  • we know the obligations stipulated by the anti money-laundering legislation,

  • we are familiar with the process of verification of documents necessary for their use in other countries.

Our remuneration corresponds to the content and scope of work performed

  • our company's brokerage commission is not fixed as a percentage of the property price,

  • its amount depends on the extent to which we participate in the process of property selection, acquisition and maintenance.

We bring things

to an end:

  • we remain in contact with the client after the completion of the acquisition process,

  • we are ready help in case of problems (loss of contact, etc.),

  • we assist our clients with the intergenerational transfer
    of property, or with its sale.

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